Whey Protein Isolate vs Concentrate: What’s The Difference?

Do you know about Whey Protein? What is the best common source of energy found in the nutrients? Why do nutritionists direct you to include more proteinaceous food items in your daily diet plan? Protein is the most common source of energy. Nutritionists tell you to take a proteinaceous diet so that you may get stronger but don’t gain weight. In order to get quick and easily provided energy you are directed to include more protein in your diet but with the passage of time due to some overwhelming conditions of overpopulation, shortage of food resources it has become difficult to fulfill this need. Scientists discovered single cell proteins to meet the needs of protein but the demand is increasing more rapidly . 

In the modern era with the advanced technologies the Whey protein has been introduced to fulfill the protein demand. It is actually the residual of processed  dairy products. It is the protein found in many types. Here in this article we will give the detailed information about the most useful types of  this protein i.e. Whey Protein Isolate and Whey Protein Concentrate.

Understanding Whey Protein

The Significance of Protein in the Diet: Do you want to get fat storage in your body? Do you want to be fat and chubby? Don’t you know that carbohydrates and fats cause obesity and other cardiovascular diseases. It is not a sign of wisdom to take fats or carbohydrates in large quantities. Protein is the nutrient that gives you quick energy and doesn’t cause obesity or other health issues. Therefore, health care providers suggest to include more protein in your diet plan when you ask them to get rid of obesity or get a healthy but strong and slim body.

Whey Protein as a Popular Protein Source:

Whey Protein
Whey Protein

This Protein is low calorie and unsweetened protein, made up of “amino acids”, which are actually “Building Blocks” of the body. It is responsible for the repair of muscles and bones. Enzymes are also made up of protein while protein is the manufacturer of hormones in your body. Thus the whey protein is the most popular and easily available protein source.

Why Different Types of Whey Protein Exist:  As you know that it is the residual of processed milk products. The product depends on the type of substrate. Similarly it is obtained by processing yogurt, cheese and other dairy products. Therefore it is found in different types. If the substrate is milk it is different from the substrate yogurt. Three main types of this protein are found in the market i.e Concentrate, Isolate and  hydrolysate. Among all three the most expensive and containing the higher percentage of protein content is (WPI ).

Whey Protein Concentrate: Features and Benefits

Defining Whey Protein Concentrate: This type of whey protein is obtained after processing cheese. Non-protein part in pasteurized residue is removed to get the concentrated whey protein which is actually a combination of dried dairy ingredients. This is added to the daily food items to increase the protein portion in daily diet plan. β-lactoglobulin (β-LG, for short), α-lactalbumin (α-LA), immunoglobulins (IG), bovine serum albumin (BSA), bovine lactoferrin (BLF) and lactoperoxidase (LP), are its major ingredients

Protein Content and Nutrient Profile:

Whey Protein
Whey Protein

Whey protein concentrate contains nearly 76% to 86% protein and some amount of carbohydrates and fats. Protein percentage depends on the brand of cheese you buy. Leaf protein concentrate and fish protein concentrate are its popular types.

Taste and Texture: It is in the form of a milky powder and when mixed in simple water it gives a milky look. Its taste is like powdered milk. It is derived from cheese hence its color is yellow but due to some environmental fluctuations sometimes it turns brown.

Cost Considerations: Cost of whey protein concentrate depends on the brand of cheese, its quality, and flavor. Generally it is less costly than whey protein isolate. Mostly one pound has cost 20$ to 50$ anywhere.

Whey Protein Isolate: Features and Benefits

Defining Whey Protein Isolate:

Whey Protein
Whey Protein

Do you know the reality that whey protein Isolate is actually the most pure form of whey protein concentrate? Yes, it’s true. Whey protein concentrate is processed more and more by distillation or pasteurization technologies to remove lactose and fat from it. This more pure form has nearly 90% of protein content and a very very minimal amount of carbs. It is considered a more effective protein diet.

Higher Protein Content: It contains a higher protein content percentage than other forms of whey protein. Another fact is whey protein isolate is deficient in many beneficial nutrients due to excessive processing.

Amino Acid Profile: In whey protein isolate Amino acid are found in highest ratio i.e. 92% to 95%. Beside these amino acids a little quantity of fat, ash and lactose are also present. Their percentages are 02%, 01% and 0.05% respectively. It also contains all essential branched chain amino acids like LEUCINE, ISOLEUCINE and VALINE.

Minimal Lactose and Fat: From its composition profile it is clear that whey protein isolate has the least amount of fats and lactose(carbohydrates). This quality makes it more suitable and preferable than other types of whey protein but it is more expensive than others.

Choosing the Right Whey Protein for Your Needs

 There are many factors creating differences between the two types of protein.The actual reason for nutritional differences is the processing procedures of getting it from cheese or yogurt. You must know the most  beneficial one for your health

Fitness and Health Goals: While choosing the right type of such protein, you must keep in mind the health goals. If you want to cut your body fat and lose weight then protein isolate is the best choice for you because (WPC) causes weight gain in some cases.

Dietary Preferences and Restrictions: Protein concentrate has some fat, carbs, casein and some bacteria which disturb the digestive system and causes bloating and constipation. That’s why you should keep all these factors in mind.

Budget Considerations: Being more pure, protein isolate is more expensive than protein concentrate so if you find difficult to purchase high cost protein isolate you may use protein concentrate in larger amounts to get the same benefits as protein isolate but at low budget.

Applications and Usage

How Athletes and Bodybuilders Use It:

Whey Protein
Whey Protein

Athletes and bodybuilders are recommended to use protein rich food to make their muscles strong by keeping them slim and cutting their body fat and this type of protein is the best source of protein rich food without gain in weight.

Everyday Uses: Whey protein is a quick and easy to digest nutrient. It improves the immune system by strengthening the muscles and body organs. It is used as a food supplement by the athletes and the persons with weak immunity also use it. It is suggested as the best supplement to cure weight loss.

Incorporating into Recipes: You may add this protein in your daily diet chart by mixing it in your delicious dishes. There are some recipes which are delicious due to adding it.

  1. Protein Churros.
  2. Protein Chocolate.
  3. Low Calorie Donuts Holes.
  4. Frozen Protein Pancakes.
  5. Matcha and Ginger Smoothie.

Potential Side Effects and Allergies

If used moderately, this protein doesn’t harm but if taken in high doses, it will cause aches and allergies.

Lactose Intolerance: Some people have lactose intolerance and can’t use milk. Thus, they are allergic to such type of protein. If you’re intolerant to milk products, you should avoid such protein. Otherwise you may suffer stomach pain, nausea, fatigue and muscle cramps.

Allergies and Sensitivities: Don’t use this protein consistently for a long period of time. Its continuous use for a long time period will cause acne and severe weight loss. In some cases weight abruptly gained. Every time while using this protein, keep in mind that it is not a natural nutrient. Dairy products sensitivity is a high alert for you to stay away from it.

Digestive Issues and Bloating: Consistent and regular use of this protein in large quantities causes soaring in the digestive system and bloating. It will cause stomach cramps, irregular bowel movements and excessive gas.  Its excessive use also damages the liver and kidneys.

What the Research Says

Scientific Studies on Whey Protein Isolate vs Concentrate: Scientific research has proved that protein isolate is somehow better than protein concentrate. Protein isolate is the purest form of it and has less impurities like fat and carbs. These all make it more useful for you but excessive use can bring serious disorders to you. So use it with care and with the consultation of a healthcare provider.

Comparing Effectiveness in Muscle Building and Recovery:Both have similar effects on muscle building. Studies have demonstrated that protein concentrate is a good supplement and enhances muscle protein synthesis to increase muscle growth.While protein isolate has less fats and carbs so have magical effects on greater protein delivery to muscles by improving muscle recovery.

Other Health Benefits and Considerations: Controlling cholesterol level and weight loss are major benefits of this protein while using high doses cause nausea, digestive irritability and headaches but in balanced quantities protein has no side effects. These proteins are helpful for avoiding cancer, cardiovascular diseases and asthma. One thing is considerable about such protein, just use it in moderate quantities and with the consultation of your healthcare provider.


Whey protein is the most convenient source of energy for all age groups and genders. People with different eating habits may get benefits from such protein. Its benefits are on a large scale and a very narrow range is for its harmful impacts. This quality makes whey it more useful and popular.No doubt its advantages have broad spectrum for the bodybuilders, athletes and sportsmen but a common man may also use it to get slim, smart but strong and healthy. Both protein isolate and concentrate have a slight difference nutritionally but the high cost of protein isolate make it difficult to use. This problem may be solved by taking slightly high doses of  protein concentrate. Both will affect equally.

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Hey, I'm Hira shabbir. An experienced content writer who is providing quality SEO content to clients, from the past 2 years. I have been a biology and English teacher from the past 20 years, which gives me an edge in providing quality content.

Hey, I'm Hira shabbir. An experienced content writer who is providing quality SEO content to clients, from the past 2 years. I have been a biology and English teacher from the past 20 years, which gives me an edge in providing quality content.