10 Rules of Getting Super Lean

Your physique, body shape and fitness are attractive features. Regardless of age, everyone has a desire to look fit, slim, smart and healthy. That means you want to be SUPER LEAN. Don’t know about being lean? Lean means having a fit, slim but strong muscular body. it is not a hard job. You actually have the machinery to get super lean. Yes, your muscles. You just need to do some stretching and recreational exercises to get strong muscles and to burn extra calories so that body fat sustains at 20 to 25% of your body. By  practicing some specific workouts you will easily get the physique like an athlete. In this topic you will find 10 such rules which help you to get a perfect body.

Rule 1: Establishing Clear Goals

Whether you want to be a successful businessman or a good teacher, no matter if you have a desire to be the best professional lawyer or an athlete, the first thing you should have to focus on is setting a goal. To reach your target you will make an effective plan. Similarly to get Super Lean you must have some goals which must be achievable.

Setting Specific Targets for Leanness:  First of all write your goals to get lean. Why do you want to get Super Lean? Write the correct answer. Then think of ways to achieve this goal. Concentrate on your thoughts. Keep them positive and productive.   

The Importance of Realistic and Measurable Goals: In the 1980s George T. Doran introduced the term of super lean for the first time. He also described that achievable, measurable, relevant and time bound goals are the essential parts of getting super lean.Without setting a realistic goal, you would not be able to know whether you have achieved your goal or not. You would have realistic and measurable goals like “ I want to lose 5 kg within this month” OR “ I must train myself to cover 1 km in 5 minutes.”

Tracking Progress and Adjusting Goals: Without aiming at any goal you will not be successful. Setting an achievable goal will give you results when you track for those results. You should have clear and realistic goals then chalk out a test or examination to check your progress. For example if you want to get super lean you have to observe your weight according to your height then measure circumference of having extra fat like hips, belly and thighs. Now write all facts and make a systematic plan to achieve your aims. First set a goal to lose weight, fix the days finally plan a diet chart. On final day measure your weight and compare it with the initial measurements. This tracking will give you a booster to continue the efforts.

Rule 2: Developing A Balanced Nutrition Plan

Super lean doesn’t mean to get slim or weak. It is related to your fitness and muscle strength. To get strong muscles and a fit body you should have to follow a balanced diet strictly. You can get your desired body or physique by avoiding oily, fried, spicy and sugary food. You must  stop drinking sodas and alcohol. Include meat(white+red), eggs, milk products and fruits and Vegetables in your diet.

The Role of Diet in Achieving Leanness:  Diet and nutrients play a vital role to get your desired physique. Your muscles need super food to get strong and healthy. You should consult a nutritionist to chalk out a daily diet chart which fulfills  your calorie requirements without being an obstacle to achieve your desired physique.

Building a Sustainable and Nutrient-Rich Diet:  Sustainable and nutrient rich diet is the basic step to get leanness. Beef, chicken, salmon, yogurt, cheese, bread, cereals, low fat milk, beans, leafy vegetables, broccoli, spinach, lentils, chickpeas, grains, olive oil, avocado oil, almonds, walnuts and other nuts are considered  nutrient rich diet.Food Including all these items  fulfill your  per day calories needs. 

Counting Macros vs. Intuitive Eating:  Which of the following strategies are beneficial for you to be smart and strong, counting Macros or Intuitive Eating? Surely, you want to avail one of these to achieve your fitness but scientifically it has proven that both of these two strategies must be followed at different stages of your diet plan. Your body needs different types of dieting at different times.

  • COUNTING MACROS is actually a tracking of your calories by controlling your protein, fats and other nutrients to lose weight. 
  • INTUITIVE EATING  is a type of dieting in which you don’t need to track every meal’s calories.

Rule 3: Effective Workout Strategies

Here are some extraordinary workout strategies to lose your weight and reduce extra body fat to shape your body with strong muscles.

 Incorporating Strength Training:  No doubt workout is the best way to bodybuilding but actually it burns the extra calories in your body and lessens fat from your body. As a result your muscles get slim and strong. So different types of strength training like cardio, HIIT, and rest will enhance your strength training procedure.

Cardiovascular Exercise for Fat Loss: You may practice different types of Cardiovascular exercises for fat loss. Walking briskly, running with a smooth breathing rate, climbing stairs, swimming, playing hockey, volleyball, football etc. are the cardiovascular exercises. These exercises directly affect your heart rate to meet up the increasing demand of oxygen supply and blood flow in vessels also affected by these workouts.

The Power of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT): Your body health can be measured by your calories burning at rest. Yes, it’s an amazing fact that when your body muscles get more lean and strong your metabolism is  performed more actively and your extra calories are burnt out whether you are working or not. At first, the combined effects of HIIT and strength training will give you good results even in 15 minutes of daily workout but after some days you have to increase the duration to get the better results. Studies show that HIIT has the most effective calories burning exercises than aerobic exercises.

 Rule 4: Proper Hydration and Recovery

The Importance of Staying Hydrated: Do you know your 65 to 70% body is composed of water. Water is the basic component of protoplasm and is the essential component for Homeostasis in your body. Water maintains blood flow, oxygen flow in your body. In case of dehydration, you may suffer from cramping, injuries, weight gain,and lazy muscles. It is actually the aquatic medium which presents sites for different metabolic activities. Enzymes, glands, hormones and digestive organs need water in sufficient quantity to perform their functions actively.

Rest and Sleep for Recovery:  Good and peaceful sleep has positive effects on your physical and mental health.  Your sleeping relaxation is directly linked to your performance. Required sleep hours vary person to person but on average 7 to 8 hours sleep per day is considered enough. In addition, lack of sleep may cause irritation in your mood, low cognitive function, low tendency to do exercise and workout. It also tends you to a sedentary lifestyle. Which affects your health and performance as well.

Managing Stress and Over training: Do you know balance in everything makes your life easy and excess of everything is bad? You should know about this fact. Over training causes stress and irritation in your body and mind. You will get fatigued and ill by over training. The only remedy is Rest. Taking a rest for some days will give you comfort. During rest days you may take light aerobic exercises but for short periods. 

Rule 5: Consistency and Patience

Understanding That Leanness Takes Time: You know being lean is linked with your calories. Your body is affected by what you eat and what you do to get lean. It is a time taking process. Panic will be hazardous. For example 6 to 12 months are needed just to get a ripped body and it is a great fact that it takes 2 to 3 years to get your required output. It’s all the game of calories you use and energy expenditure of your body.

Staying Consistent with Diet and Exercise: Your diet would be the main focus for being muscular and attractive. Here are some great suggestions for you;

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Eat green vegetables
  • Don’t afraid of carbs
  • Avoid cheat meals
  • Avoid oily and spicy meals
  • Take more protein

 Similarly exercise is essential to achieve a healthy but smart look. Take regular exercises to stretch your muscles. Weight lifting and gym workouts are also useful for your muscle strength.

Dealing with Plateaus and Setbacks: Diet plateaus must be dealt carefully. Try to follow these instructions if you are feeling helpless in losing your weight. It has proven evidence that a low carbs diet may limit your hunger, producing a sensation of fullness. Thus, control your weight. Next step, daily exercise increases your metabolic rate and increases your energy expenditure. This will cut your body fat and help you to lose weight. Keep an eye on your calories. Track them on a daily basis strictly. Increase protein consumption and stay away from stress. In addition, you may also suffer from setbacks of abnormal weight loss. So, keep your past in mind. Think about your well-being and take one by one step to get back on weight loss strategies.

Rule 6: Portion Control and Mindful Eating

Weight can be controlled by proper sleep, adding protein meals to your diet, doing exercises and cutting carbs.

Avoiding Overeating: The first stage of your weight loss journey is keeping yourself away from eating at full.i.e you should avoid over eating. It will be hazardous for your body weight.Track your every time meal. Count calories intake. If you eat unchecked, you will probably gain more weight.

Mindful Eating Practices: Mindful eating means giving your brain enough time to recognize the food nutrients. While eating you should observe the response of your body after digestion. It will surely help you to make a proper diet chart for your body to maintain calories needed by your body. Concentrate on your meal while you are eating. Eat slowly and mindfully so that your brain may tell you about your hunger or when you are full.

Strategies for Portion Control: Sometimes you follow every precautionary measure to lose weight but all in vain. What is the reason? It may be due to malnutrition. Yes, extraordinary low calories intake may cause malnutrition. It will cause obesity. So try to track your daily calories intake. But if you want to get rid of tracking headaches you will have to follow a proper diet chart which is full of protein, water and vegetables.

Rule 7: Tracking and Accountability

It’s your personal choice to have muscular  and strong body physique so you are answerable and accountable only before you. Use different methodologies for tracking and accountability purposes.

Using Journals and Apps to Monitor Progress: Keep a journal to record all the efforts you are doing in this regard. You may write your step by step phases of tracking and progress by mentioning your daily diet, calories intake per meal, workout, gym duration, and losing weight on a weekly basis. You may use the following apps for this purpose.

  • Progress Body Tracker & Health. Health & Fitness.
  • Body tracker: Photo & measure. Health & Fitness.
  • Shapez – Body Progress Tracker. Health & Fitness.
  • Body Size – Track & Measure. Health & Fitness.
  • Body Barista Body Measurements. Health & Fitness.
  • Weight loss tracker – B M I. Health & Fitness

Seeking Accountability Partners: Everyone loses hope and gets stressed, while loosing a goal. If You feel panic and need a consistent motivation to carry on, you should have an accountability partner because this will keep you motivated and other partner’s progress will arise an urge to do more for your win.

Adjusting Your Approach as Needed: It is obvious that your lifestyle affects your physique, body shape and body weight. By bringing a little change in your lifestyle you can cut fat from your body and get lean. For example if you are afraid of DIETING you can have a simple per day calorie chart according to your body’s need and you may lose weight by not cutting off pizza from your life. You don’t need to stop eating for getting lean. You just need to adjust the nutrients.

 Rule 8: Understanding Your Body’s Response

Metabolism and Individual Variations: Your body’s metabolic rate actually decides your body’s health condition because metabolic rate is the burning of calories. If you eat more than needed calories your metabolism slows down and you gain weight. Then you feel sluggish and inactive in your daily routine. By adjusting your calories according to your body’s needs you can speed up metabolism which will cut your body fat and activate you.

Adapting Your Plan Based on Feedback: You may change your diet chart, your workout plans and your rest duration according to your present condition. It is actually your body’s response to every stimulus which informs you to carry on any specific activity or not. 

Avoiding Extremes and Fad Diets: Do you hear  about new trends in the food market like keto diet, whole diet, sugar free diet etc? Yes, these are the trending names for completely demolishing some nutrients from your diet. It is dangerous because eliminating a specific nutrient will cause diet deficiency, protein deficiency or mineral deficiency in your body. This malnutrition will lead you to different diseases so try to avoid fad diets and take a balanced diet.

Rule 9: Staying Motivated and Inspired

Finding Motivation Beyond Aesthetics: To lose weight is actually a boring task. You have to do some things against your will and liking. Therefore, the most essential point in this journey is to stick to your goal. So keep your expectations realistic and start it with a realistic and attainable approach. Use a journal to write your goals. It will remind you about your goals and you will be motivated all the time.Rewarding Yourself for Achievements: Select easy goals and celebrate your achievements. This incentive boosts you to achieve your next goal. It also helps you to stick with your aim. An aimless effort will not be supported by emotions but when you attach some emotions and joy with your achievement it will bring you a step forward.

Fostering a Positive Mindset: Positive mindset provides a comfortable zone and passion to achieve your goal. So you have to think positive . First of all, think about your happiness, make a super image of yourself, imagine your body in the shape you want. Appreciate yourself, ignore small defeats, learn from past mistakes and be motivated.

Rule 10: Seeking Professional Guidance

Consulting with a Registered Dietitian: Your body is a machinery, in which all organs are performing combined tasks. Organs are made up of different types of tissues and cells. Energy, food and oxygen are required by all organs in different amounts. So you should be careful about making any decision about your diet or workout for losing extra fats. Weight loss is your desired feature which you want to achieve but you don’t know about the side effects of plans which you have made to lose weight. A professional dietitian will help you properly in this respect, according to   your body’s needs.Personal Trainers and Coaches: You may achieve your goal by your personal training at home. As usual you have to take great care of your diet, lifestyle and exercise. By avoiding some exceptional habits you can manage but there are some coaches who are also present online who will give you instructions to do the best.

1: Stephen Foster

Mount Vernon, Washington

Certifications: NSCA-CS-CS, XPS

Specializations:  Functional strength development, weight loss, sports 

2: Jackie Elming

Au-berry, California

Certifications: ACE

Specializations:  High intensity interval training, core strength, glute building, muscle building

The Role of Medical Professionals: A healthcare facility is the essential necessity for getting lean. It is not as simple as you think. Some things are very delicate and should be handled with great care and your body is one of them. Like other professionals, healthcare officers also look deep into your body’s health condition and then suggest to you about your diet and workout which may be suitable for your body. In case of any injury or any side effect appearance your medical professionals deal with you according to your health condition and try to save you from sufferings.


To be successful in any field of life, observe the present, learn from the past and plan for the future. The same is the case with getting super lean. Just observe your body, have some suggestions from experts, follow a workout routine, take a balanced diet and avoid the habits which are injurious to your health. Focus on your aim and be patient, be gentle to yourself.

The most important thing to be successful is to strengthen your muscles. Avoid dieting. It will not work for getting lean but will cause different disorders. So keep check and balance on your protein and iron intake. Keep yourself hydrated enough and stay away from stress. Keep yourself happy and fresh.

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Hira Shabbir

Hey, I'm Hira shabbir. An experienced content writer who is providing quality SEO content to clients, from the past 2 years. I have been a biology and English teacher from the past 20 years, which gives me an edge in providing quality content.

Hey, I'm Hira shabbir. An experienced content writer who is providing quality SEO content to clients, from the past 2 years. I have been a biology and English teacher from the past 20 years, which gives me an edge in providing quality content.