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How to Grow a Thicker Beard Naturally?

How to Grow A Thicker Beard Naturally?: The ultimate salient difference between a boy and a man is his BEARD! In a room full of handsome guys, a single bearded guy will always, without doubt, remain a head-turner. The surfeit of attention that is paid towards a full divine beard is all time Jim dandy, your beard says a lot more about your personality than you think, and presumably, even you have acknowledged it that’s why you are still here, reading.

If we hark back to the Romans, the middle ages till today’s 21st-century history display the beard as a symbol of an epitome of dominance and prestige. A well-groomed hygienic beard without any untamed, ape-like appearance speaks for itself. As in sociological characteristic, a beard gives the image of masculinity while the clean shaved faces still remain a norm. The amount of patience and commitment one devours is exceptional because growing a full heavy beard isn’t easy, and patchy beards were never even a thing of the past but my friends, fear not! You have grounded at the right place where the steps of growing a beard wouldn’t only be broken down to you but will provide you with guaranteed progress.

Are you in the initial stages of growing your five o’clock shadow? Slump down. Online Health Point has brought you amazing tips on How to Grow a Thicker Beard Naturally?

The 4-week Beard Rule

How to Grow a Thicker Beard Naturally?

Entrust your beard some time. The one month no shave/trim rule is no joke, it itself is a challenge chiefly because of your beard that keeps adjusting its shape according to your face. This, in turn, leads to bald patches at different areas along with unalike hair length that’s why it’s also called “the awkward phase”. Once you survive this period the worst days are then behind you!

1st Week (The Depilated Period)

Start with a clean shave. The recipe key towards a proper beard is grooming. Once you have shaved you need to have to commit to keeping your skin clean and by that said- EXFOLIATING. The hair follicles present in your skin need to grow, a clear skin aids in the process. While the hair follicles emerge it commonly causes irritation that can be mild to strong, depending upon the person, using a moisturizer can help you tackle the beard itch.

1-2 Week (The Stubble Period)

To ease you in your developmental progress, allow me to break the news, Welcome to the turn-header fam! According to a research study, men with short stubble are recognized as the most attractive and dreamboat of many ladies, isn’t that great?

At this stage, every person experiences his own auspicious time but you have to persist with your established commitment, keep exfoliating on regular basis. Now is also an ingenious point of time to invest in scruff creams, that will encourage your hair follicles stimulation.

2-3 week (Impulse Period)

Your bristles will be flaky and tingling till you reach a point of an unwavering war, it is this certain incontrovertible period where your loyalty to commitment is endowed. Either your boat sails or you reach back to square one; the clean shaved norm.

Scruff scruff scruff! It not only will help with itchiness and dryness but also embosses a healthy aromatized smell. Make sure to keep your follicles hydrated.

3-4 week (Juvenile beard)

Kudos! Your baby beard is finally here, but don’t mistake it to start shaping your beard, let your hair grow up to its apt potential. Gradually your patches will start to fill up, the length of your hair will be concordant and amass giving you full exceptional coverage.

Nuh-uh, this hasn’t come to an end…. Yet

Tips on How to Grow a Thicker Beard Naturally?

How to Grow a Thicker Beard Naturally?

To grow a thicker beard naturally, you have to follow the suit as in the quotation “you are what you eat”

Fish, meat, chicken, beef, cottage cheese, dairy products- what do they have in common? PROTEIN: your hair intrinsically is a protein filament; keratin, which engender luxurious healthy hair. The testosterone compromising in protein foods triggers thicker hair procuring to your desired spell-bound beard effect.

A Balanced Diet of Fruits & Vegetables: with unerring nutrients in your body of fruits and veggies coupled as in a balanced diet can thrive hair growth. Kale, spinach, oranges, potatoes, spinach are a few ones that especially take care of your beard growth.

Don’t miss out!

To empower your cardinal glitz Beard journey, we have researched and jotted down some of the best proven effective tips and tricks to grow your beard naturally.

Sweat Those Calories Out: Exercise plays an important role in how to grow a thicker beard naturally. Exercising regularly not only disencumbers your toxins but also increases your blood flow circulation that ultimately provides nutrition to your beard hair. The more you exercise the more DHT (dihydrotestosterone) which is a testosterone by-product that succour’s with a thicker beard is produced. Hire a personal trainer if you are a newbie at the gym that can help you perform exercises accurately with the right equipment.

Reduce stress, Namaste: An increase in stress is directly proportional to the increase in cortisol in your body, this in return imprints a negative ramification in testosterone level which we need to avoid at all costs.

Another stress factor is the constriction of blood vessels. When the vessels are constricted the blood circulation will not provide sufficient amounts of mandatory nutrients to the hair follicles. Longer periods of stress can greatly subside beard growth to overcome these factors, start meditating and join yoga.

Have Some Rest: Sleeping 8 hours of sleep a night aids in the restoration of testosterone, getting adequate sleep reduces stress benefiting the facial hairs

Give Time – Have Patience: Growing a beard is no mystery, it’s just a different journey for every individual. Let your hair grow at its own pace of time, survive through the itchiness period, bald patches, don’t trim, have patience, and score your desired beard NATURALLY.

Vices: Remember our body works best when hydrated, Almost 60% of our body compromises on water. By means of reducing alcohol and smoking intake, water can thrust nutrients flow in the body thus promoting hair growth. Stay Hydrated!

Trimming: During the 4-week rule, don’t even make your way close to scissors and trimmers, that will only hinder the progress primarily because you don’t have anything to trim and are more likely to cut more than the required length. But what after one month?

The answer is still no. You are still at your baby-steps. Once your beard has reached a certain length only then you can groom it too only from your neckline to shape and clean your edges. Between your neckline and Adam’s apple leave at least one-finger gap just to be sure.

Never trim your beard after a shower as that can vague your judgment to cut a length more than you need.

Use Beard Oils: Beard Oils play an important role in how to grow a thicker beard naturally. your beard hair is a lot different than the hair on your head. You need to provide nourishment as the sebaceous glands cannot cope up anymore. Proven beard oil can help accomplish a strong, fancy frizz-free beard that can uplift your personality.

But again, especially during the 4-week rule using any beard oil is simply unnecessary as it has only grown around 0.5 in length, it’s better to moisturize with scruff creams.

Brushes or Combs? Be that as it may, a beard brush at the one-month period can only come in handy in the case of stimulating circulation otherwise there aren’t any tangles to unravel. Besides that, both brushes and combs are a major part of beard grooming when you reach a length of more than 1.5 inches.

Comparison is a thief of joy, don’t let it in between: If you start comparing your beard to other people’s beard progress you start letting yourself down, leading to demotivation that might affect your journey even before it begins to start. Remember, everyone has their own little journey with the difference in a variety of beards. Every beard takes its own pace of time


Wrapping up our guide on how to grow your sought-after long thick beard naturally, every guy out there acknowledges the fact that his beard is associated with power, masculinity, wisdom, and merely the fact that the thicker his beard is the more respect it symbolizes.

The thickness, the length, its livelihood all simply adds up to your grooming skills and maintenance. Whether it is maintained by using oils, styling balm, or simply regular trimming, a beard grooming kit becomes your boon companion. Don’t let yourself get carried away while trimming your hair to a greater extent than it is supposed to be.  While the foremost key thing to always remember is patience, don’t let your pessimist side override you, let your hair grow up-to its potential especially during the first month and a half. Even if your beard seems unkempt let it embrace its way out. After-all, Good things come to those who wait.  Growing a beard even though seems like a lot to work for, every inch of your work is worth every inch of your beard.

With the plan of Beard games laid above, start implementing towards achieving your target, Go get ‘em!

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