Benefits of Coconut Oil for Hair

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Hair

First Impression is the Last Impression

We all have heard this quotation that the first impression of our personality decides whether the other person will take interest in us or not!

Hair is the first notable thing in someone’s personality as it enhances the look and sharpens the features for an attractive personality. It’s an important part of our appearance and sets the tone for our entire look. A bad hair day is just a bad day. But for once, try to imagine your personality without hair, or with weak hairs or baldness, this is what hair contributes to our personality. Hairs contribute 70% to our personality. If we have beautiful and well-managed hairs, people will likely take more interest in such personality. So to make the first impression as the best one,  Online Health Point here brings you the Benefits of Coconut Oil for Hair.

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Hair

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Hair

Here we will discuss all the key points for “Benefits of Coconut oil for Hair”!!!

Coconut Oil as Moisturizer:

Coconut oil is one of the best moisturizer, proven safe to use clinically without any side effects. As the name implies, it is obtained from the coconut kernels. Coconut oil plays an important role in our daily life and because of its moisturizing nature, it helps to improve skin conditions as well.

Coconut Oil for Hairs’ Health:

Because of having healthy nutrients, coconut oil plays a vital role in hair growth. It has the assets to stimulate hair growth and ensure healthy long and silky hair. It tends to prevent protein loss from hair and thus helps in better growth.

Role of Coconut Oil for Preservation of Keratin:

The protein named “Keratin” is present in hair and is a major component of hair follicles, the points/spots from where the hair starts growing. The follicles are present on the skin of the scalp. The Keratin protein plays a vital role in the growth of hair but these proteins are reduced and lost if not cared properly. That is the reason to use Coconut oil for better growth. It helps to protect the scalp from external/ environmental factors and helps in retention of Keratin protein and ensures better growth of hair from the root to the tip.

Coconut Oil- A protective Layer against Environmental Factors:

The environmental factors like dust, intense sunlight, insects and other micro-organisms damage the hair constantly. Coconut oil creates a barrier outside the hair and prevents these harmful factors from accessing the hair and damaging them.

A Unique Oil; Free from Hustle Oxidation:

The air has oxygen in it that oxidizes oils gradually and after some time the effectiveness of oils vanished. Among many “Benefits of Coconut oil for Hair”, one is its high saturation of fat contents which do not oxidize quickly and make the oil in hair a long-lasting protective layer.

Coconut Oil as a Hair Shiner:

Coconut oil helps to groom the hair. It gives a beautiful hair shine as well. Coconut oil gives the shine by reflecting the rays of the sunlight. Coconut oil can also be used as a detangler and gives frizz-free hair. It also heals the split ends of hair.
Coconut oil is a natural solution for lice problem and it also helps in getting rid of dandruff. That’s why coconut oil is extensively used in shampoo and hair conditioners.
Due to its pleasant aroma, people usually like the fragrance of Coconut oil so there is no problem in using coconut oil. It gives a boost to the beauty of hair.

How to use Coconut oil for Hair?

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Hair

Coconut oil has many benefits as mentioned earlier, but if it is used at more than normal level, it can cause problems like the greasy look of hair and dullness instead of shine. So using Coconut oil in small quantities and keeping reasonable time duration between applications is often suggested.
In order to get rid of lice and dandruff, apply coconut oil in small quantities to each part of the hair, especially the scalp. Leave it for a few minutes and then wash the hair. This would prove effective in getting rid of lice and dandruff. The coconut oil makes the lice and dandruff weak and then, when we wash the hair, lice and dandruff are gone.
If you don’t want to have and split ends or frizzy hair, apply small quantities of coconut oil on the tips of the hair and rub them for a few minutes so that the oil reaches the small points from where the split ends arise. Coconut oil fixes the problem from the root and can get rid of split ends for good.
Coconut oil can also help in getting long hair if applied on hair, from root to tip, frequently. It helps in better growth of hair by stimulating the hair follicles and by preventing the loss of Keratin protein from hair.

Do not apply coconut oil to wet hair as the wet hair are very weak and susceptible to damage. Rubbing oil on wet hair may cause damage to hair and hair fall condition may arise. Before application of Coconut oil, make sure that hair is dry and detangled. In this way, the coconut oil works most effectively.
The best way to apply Coconut oil to hair is to slightly dampen the hair and take some Coconut oil on hands and rub on the hair and let it stay in the hair for a few minutes and then wash the hair. This will get rid of dandruff and will also relax the nerves and muscles in the head. Coconut oil can also be used in hair before going to sleep.


To conclude, we can say that there are many “Benefits of Coconut oil for Hair” but also it has other benefits. For example, it can help reduce weight by burning excess fat when used in food. It can also act as a skin softener but if applied and then the person goes out in the sun, the skin will get dark. Overall Coconut oil has many benefits when used within some limits.

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