Skin Care Routine for Oily Skin at Home

Wao! What a glowing skin you have. You are looking fabulous, your skin shines like a moon. These compliments attract our attention towards our outlook. According to an old saying, to look beautiful and attractive is the Human’s instinct and everyone wants to be admired for his/her beauty. If we list out the factors which affect our outlook or beauty, the no. 1 rank will obviously be retained by our Skin because it is the main factor that attracts people towards us. Our face skin is the major part of our outlook and beauty. So, everyone wants to have a glowing and fresh skin. In this modern era, as you know, nobody has time to care for skin due to a tough and busy lifestyle. On the other hand, pollution and an unbalanced diet are causing more and more skin problems as well. Costly skincare products cannot be afforded by all. But skin demands our attention and time. Different people have different types of skin. Some have oily skin, some have dry. Some have normal skin and some have combination skin type . But from all these the oily skin has more problems .Oily skin affects your outlook and causes dullness to your face. Here we will discuss how to treat oily skin to look good.

Understanding Oily Skin: 

Our skin has a special type of glands, known as sebaceous glands. Actual function of these glands is to produce a special secretion, called sebum. Sebum functions to regulate the hydration level in the skin and to rejuvenate the skin but in some cases the sebaceous glands produce more sebum which makes the skin oily. The reason may be the open pores in facial skin which allow dirt, dust and allergens. This makes the facial skin impure and oily. On the other hand, some kinds of food also cause oily skin like the use of red meat and spices lead to widening of skin pores which results in more oily skin. Oily skin actually produces irritation and lowers your comfort and confidence level. 

Importance of Skincare Routine

Skin is the outermost part of our body and face skin is the most watched part of our body. Our facial skin should be flawless, fresh, glowing and soft. All these qualities in our skin make us beautiful, pretty and attractive. Nowadays, the tough and busy lifestyle has made us tired and this busy lifestyle leads us to overlook our beauty and ourselves. We have less time for our skin care but it is essential to make it a habit to take care of our skin. Skincare routine can enhance the skin glow. Although skin care of oily skin is a hard job, it is essential so that we may live confidently. Through simple remedies at home, we can make skincare routine feasible and affordable. Skincare is the most promising technique to make your skin flawless and gorgeous.

DIY Skincare for Oily Skin at Home 

According to research and studies, skincare at home is very feasible and economical. Home remedies for oily skin are very useful and astonishing results are gained by applying home made substances on oily skin. Actually, oily skin shows the presence of open pores in skin and these pores allow dust particles and skin germs to enter the body quite easily. This all produces acne on the face, this makes the oily skin more dull and ugly. To get rid of all these problems some DIY are discussed here to remove oil from oily skin and to improve skin care at home. Some substances are used to cure oily skin

HONEY is a very useful ingredient for oily skin care at home, it is antibacterial and antiseptic in nature. It reduces acne problem .It also helps to retain moisturizer in the skin. A simple honey face mask plays a vital role in skin care at home.

One with oily skin, should apply a layer of honey on the face for 15 minutes and then wash the face with hot water by doing this you will get surprising results of this DIY.

OATMEAL is the natural remedy for oily skincare. It contains antioxidant properties. It helps to reduce viral infections and acne problems in the skin. By mixing oatmeal and honey, you will get a homemade face mask. This natural face mask is valuable for oily skincare. By applying this simple mask for 10 minutes on your face, you will get rid of oily skin . 

To reduce oily skin appearance, massage your face with a mixture of oats and warm water for 5 minutes, rinse and then wash away with warm water. This face mask will reduce the oil appearance for sometime and reduce the acne problem.

ALOE VERA has amazing properties for oily skin care at home. It is antibacterial and anti inflammatory. It helps in the healing process for wounds. People grow aloe Vera plants at homes to gain its leaves and its secretions to use this as home remedy for oily skin care. Aloe Vera gel is very powerful DIY.  Apply aloe Vera gel on the face and after some time wash it away. It enhances the skin glow and vanishes oil from the skin. But there is a twist in the story, before applying on the face, one should apply aloe Vera gel on the forearm and observe its effects for 24 hours. If there are no harmful effects then it is considered safe, after that  one should apply it on the face comfortably.

ALMONDS are beneficial for oily skin care at home. Although almond scrubs are available in the market as DIY, you can prepare it at home . Ground almonds or almond oil has anti- hepatotoxicity properties ,which aids in rejuvenating the skin. If you have nut allergy issues then avoid its use.Mix ground almond powder with honey and apply this mixture on your face. Scrub it for 10 minutes and wash off with hot water. Look and enjoy the glowing oil free skin.

TEA TREE OIL is used for treating acne problems caused by oily skin. It is an antibacterial substance, which eliminates the acne causing bacteria. People use it in cosmetics to overcome the oil appearance on the face .

 VITAMIN C has useful antibacterial chemicals. Some fruits have Vitamin C. These fruits and juices of such fruits can be used to cure oily skin. vitamin C capsules are also available easily in the market. 

Daily Skincare Routine for Oily Skin 

Everyone in this world has a desire to be admired for his/her beauty. For this purpose the cosmetics industry is working day and night. From color complexion to type of skin, every aspect of skincare is under observation by the fashion industry. People, nowadays, pay more attention to their outlook. With the passage of time, people have learnt that facial skin is the most attractive layer of your body. People, especially females, with flawless and glowing skin are more admired and liked by the opposite gender. Therefore, everyone, especially women of modern age, is very conscious about her skin’s quality. To enhance the glow and freshness of skin, first of all women identify the skin type they have then in case of oily skin, they apply different masks and DIYs to make their skin flawless. So, skincare routine for oily skin is an essential activity of  modern era for men as well as women. Here, we will discuss some methodologies to cure the oily skin with simple methods and ingredients so that our ladies with oily skin may use these strategies to get rid of oily skin and look more and more gorgeous with fresh and glowing skin.

Cleansing:Skin cleansing is to clean the skin by using any substance, may be natural or chemical but nature will be considered the best. Cleansing substances must be antibacterial, antioxidant and antimicrobial. As you know, skin care is now a routine matter, both for men and women. Therefore, skin cleansing products of different qualities and companies are easily available in the market. But a dermatologist always appreciates the use of natural or home made substances for skin care purposes.

Choosing the Right Cleanser:

 The best cleanser should have the following qualities. 

  • Antimicrobial
  • Anti-inflammatory 
  • Detoxifying
  • Antioxidant 

A cleanser with all the above mentioned characteristics can resolve oily skin issues. Many face wash products of different cosmetic companies are available in the market. People simply use these products and get rid of oily skin. But the natural ways of cleansing are considered more reliable like  the use of Rose Water, Aloe Vera gel and scrubs made of Oat and Honey are natural cleansers and have almost no side effects as compared to chemical cleansers. Selection of the right cleanser is necessary. If you have oily skin, you should use foaming liquid as a cleanser. For dry skin, cream or lotion is best. For sensitive skin, you should apply oily substance for cleansing.

Proper Cleansing Techniques:

 Proper cleansing techniques enhance the results more significantly and are admired. Dehydration and wrinkles may make the skin dull and impure. By cleansing in the right way, you can eliminate wrinkles and refresh your skin. First of all wash your face with warm water but not too hot, it can damage the skin. Then dry the skin and apply any cleanser on the face, rub it gently on the neck and face, your hands should move in a semi circular way from neck to forehead. Repeat the procedure 10 to 15 times. After this wash the face with rejuvenating face wash. It will exfoliate the skin and then wash the face with cold water. Now apply a moisturizer on your skin and you will observe less prominent wrinkles on your face.


To treat the uneven tone of  your skin, you have to use cleansers, creams and lotions. These substances eliminate dirt and oil from  your skin and make its pH normal. Through this you  can control the tone of your skin. Skin toning has become so advanced these days. People use serums to maintain their skin tone. Often people use very expensive injections of serums for skin toning. Some people prefer skin toning procedures as an anti aging process.

Benefits of Toning:

Toning is beneficial for removing dark spots. It also acts effectively as an anti-aging process. It helps to shrink the open pores in your skin. It is only a type of cleansing and doesn’t decolorize the skin. As a natural remedy, rose water is the best considered toner as well. It supports the skin cells to live actively and never lose their shine.

Homemade Toner Recipes:

  • A mixture of two spoons of  honey and 3 spoons of aloe Vera gel is considered the best homemade toner all over the world.
  • Half cup rose water mixed with aloe Vera gel(1 spoon), gives amazing results as the best natural homemade toner.
  • Boil half cup water  and dip a green tea bag in it for some time Now cool the mixture and then apply on the face. The results will surprise you.


Dehydration can cause dryness in skin. To maintain the softness and lubrication in the skin, moisturizing is essential. Toning and moisturizing are included in skincare routine. The moisturizing of skin not only removes dirt from skin cells but also enhances its softness and brightness. Moisturizer is also needed by oily skin to regulate the oil production.

Lightweight Moisturizers for Oily Skin: 

Gel like or some acid-based moisturizers are best for oily skin. People think that oily skin doesn’t need moisturizers but it’s wrong. Moisturizer doesn’t produce oil or water but it only holds water in upper layer skin cells .  Nearly all kinds of moisturizers can be used but for oily skin the gel-like moisturizers are most beneficial .

Application Tips:

Oily skin also needs moisturizer. It secures  the oily skin from many skin problems .It helps to reduce acne problems . Often females with oily skin face a problem while wearing makeup. Their makeup melts due to oily skin. So, use moisturizer then apply makeup. It will stay longer. Don’t over moisturize. Use lightweight moisturizers for oily skin. Apply moisturizer from neck to upward direction gently. Over dose of moisturizer can make your skin extra shiny , that will be irritating. So, follow all these tips while applying moisturizer on oily skin. It will give you the best results

Weekly Skincare Routine

Everyone knows the importance of skin care but many of us don’t know how to take care of skin. So, it is a point to ponder how a skin care routine can be set ? For this purpose one should enlist the steps for skin care of oily skin . First of all enlist the steps for daily practice, then for weekly and monthly practice.

Here we enlisted some major steps for a weekly skincare routine for oily skin.

  • Exfoliation
  • Face Mask
  • Steaming


Exfoliation is the most prominent step of skincare routine for oily skin. The process of exfoliation actually cleanses the oily skin,  eliminates dirt and sebum from skin pores and helps to remove dead skin cells. But over-exfoliation can cause dried skin . So, there should be balance during exfoliation.

Exfoliation for Oily Skin:

Exfoliation on a regular basis , is essential to remove acne, pimples, and blackheads .It is also the best remedy to remove dead skin cells. If we don’t exfoliate oily skin, skin pores may be blocked with dirt and sebum. 

DIY Exfoliating Scrubs:

There are many ways to exfoliate the oily skin. Some are discussed below;

  • Besan, the gram flour, is the best homemade defoliator for oily skin.
  • Mixture of baking soda and water exfoliates the oily skin and removes dirt and dead skin cells.
  • Oats and sugar scrub is an amazing homemade exfoliating scrub.

Face Mask:Face masks are useful remedies for oily skin care at home. Face masks remove dirt from skin cells . Extra small hairs are also removed. Face masks are of different types. We can make face masks at home with simple ingredients. But in markets different natural herbal face masks are also easily available.

For oily skin, natural face masks are made at home, by mixing charcoal powder with Aloe Vera gel and egg white. This face mask has amazing results . During a survey, it is revealed that most of the busy working women use charcoal face masks weekly to remove impurities and pimples.

Clay Mask for Oil Control:

Clay masks are suitable for oily skin. Clay masks remove greasiness from oily skin. Clay masks are effective for removal of both oil and acne. The most used face mask in the world is clay. Because it has natural ingredients and no side effects on skin. It plays a vital role in skincare routine for oily skin at home.

Natural Face Mask Recipes:

Many face mask recipes are used by women at home to overcome the oily skin and to remove the acne and extra oil from facial skin.we will tell you some amazing recipes of natural face masks ,that result in flawless and oil free skin.

  • Mixture of honey and lemon juice is the most effective homemade face mask. By applying this mixture weekly for 5 to 10 minutes You’ll  get astonishing results.
  • Add some drops of water in 2 spoons of gram flour and apply this paste on oily skin weekly for 5 minutes. This will remove extra oil and acne from oily skin.
  •  Rub the peel of banana on your face daily for 5 minutes to remove grease from oily skin and to gain shiny skin.
  •  Add 1 spoon of lemon juice in half cup of rice flour. Apply the paste on your face . you will get rid of oily skin by applying this mask weekly .
  •  Mixture of aloe Vera gel and honey is the best homemade face mask for eliminating grease from your skin. It also helps to enhance skin glow.


Steaming is not good for all kinds of skin. For dry skin type, steaming is less required. For sensitive skin, steaming is not useful.  But for oily skin, steaming is very useful. Steaming helps the oily skin to remove acne to block the skin pores .But it has no effect on pimples.For better results, steaming time must be 5 to 10 minutes maximum.

Benefits of Facial Steaming:

Many of us wonder to hear that facial steaming is good for oily skin. Actually it is true. Steaming with hot water opens the pores of the face and drags out all dirt particles from these pores. Extra oil and dust expel out from skin pores .Thus, the skin becomes flawless and shines brightly.

How to Steam Your Face Safely: 

  • First of all take a bowl of boiling water
  • Water should be boiled until it produces steam 
  • Put this bowl in a sink
  • Add some herbs like neem leaves or leaves of lavender
  • Cover your head and shoulders with a towel like a cover around your face
  • Lean on the bowl
  • Use a mask to remove dirt or blackheads
  • Apply toner
  • Apply moisturizer.

Targeted Treatment

Increasing pollution directly affects the skin of the human body that is the first defense of immune response of humans. Dust, radiations, smoke and many different compounds present all around us which cause adverse damage to skin cells. Beauty of skin is at a risk facing all such problems so skin requires a lot of care and there is a constant need to protect for long life of the skin care and beauty. There is a need to address the main issues related to the skin and then way out the problems by the consultation of skin specialists. Skin caring products can provide cure in this regard.

Acne Management:

Careless use of skin products is a leading problem today. Self medication results in many problems which can lead to everlasting scars on the skin. Sometimes the issue is even worse to need extra care and proper guidelines by a dermatologist. Acne management can be helpful to treat Acne. Prescribed acne products must be avoided because long term use of such products can result in irreparable damage to the skin. Acne management  reduces oil production and swelling and  treats bacterial infection. Prescribed  acne drugs take their time to work so you must show patience for good results. 

Homemade Acne Remedies:

The problem of  acne is increasing all over the world. It is especially increasing in colder  regions of the world. To avoid this problem people are advised to apply many home remedies which are often found good and reduce  the adversity of this problem. One of the important home remedies is the use of natural herbal extracts prescribed by the skin specialist. Tea tree oil, jojoba oil, honey, zinc, green tea and roses are popular and mostly used items for controlling skin related issues. The  most important thing that should not be ignored at all is that first consult your skin specialist. If a dermatologist is not available then it is advised to apply a patch test in  which a small amount of your skin care product is applied on the skin of your wrist and is checked if any allergic reaction sign appears then stop using that product on your skin.

Oil Control:  

By applying soap after regular intervals, oil on the skin can be controlled. Other effective ways by which oily skin can be treated quickly is the use of toner and medicated pads. Blotting papers are also effective in this regard.Person having problem of oily skin are advised to apply moisture on their skin regularly to stop the overproduction of sebum.  Production of sebum on skin is not a bad thing actually this is a immune response of the body to stop invading microbes and to stop infections but when sebum is produced in bulk on skin it cause other skin issues such as clogged pores, blemishes and premature skin aging

Products for Oil Control: 

Production of oil on skin has become a serious problem all over the world especially in polar and colder regions of the world.  People suffering from oily skin problems are also many more in other parts of the world too.oily skin is itself an issue but it is associated with many other health issues too. Your skin explains the inner health of your body. There is a constant need to give proper care to your skin that is the need of the time.  It increases your glow and also increases your confidence. There are many different types of cosmetic products which have very good and healthy effects on skin.some important products we are telling you about for your healthy skin and beauty.  Salicylic acid cleanser is a good cleansing product for removal of dust and oil from skin. It gives smoothness to the skin.  Paula’s choice skin perfecting 2% BHA is also a very good exfoliator for skin care along with  this la Roche posy effaclar astringent is a best available toner for longer life of skin cells. 

Home Remedies for Oil Reduction:  

Washing your face just after coming back at home by such practice you can observe a significant decrease in oil production problem over your skin. It has been observed that egg white, lemons, tomatoes and honey can solve oil production problems and all the with the increasing demand of cosmetic products in the market is seeing that the prices of these products are now touching the sky. Need of the hour  is to increase our knowledge about skin problems and their solutions so that these issues could be treated at home with home remedies at a low price. Here we are providing you a brief knowledge about those products which are easily available at home and are effective in the treatment of oily skin issues.  Never overlook products that are easily available at home. You must apply these on your skin regularly. 

Lifestyle and Diet Tips  Recent studies have revealed this secret that your diet plays a great role in your body health. Your healthy lifestyle decides your healthy routine.Your diet tells what you are, how will you pretend so keep it in your mind that you can not ignore your diet plan and lifestyle if you are interested in solving your oil and sebum production on your skin and related issues.  Here we are describing a detail of foods which have been found to be excellent in reducing the production of sebum. Coconut water which is also known as coconut oil is a good food in this regard. Other useful food items include lemon, broccoli, banana, dark chocolate pulses and cucumber.  All these are considered the best foods against oil and sebum production over skin .Their regular use can solve this growing issue all over the world.

Impact of Diet on Oily Skin:

Scientists and researchers  know the importance of diet and oily skin problems and they never ignore your diet because  both are associated with each other. Diet and your problem have a very close relation with each other.  Selection of diet and a strict follow up can reduce the intensity of the issue and  can also solve the problem as it gives support to the other medication prescribed by your dermatologist.  So when you are facing an oily skin problem then you must discuss your diet and routine with your skin specialist and keenly follow up the instructions of your doctor for a solution.

Hydration and Oily Skin:

To understand the relation of hydration and oily skin is very important because both are closely linked  together. Hydration is the moisture level of the skin which keeps the skin fresh like baby skin. When your skin is dehydrated, cells become weak and  start dying. To avoid such a situation the body produces more oil for the survival of the cells which is an immune response but over production of the oil creates many other problems needed to keep your skin hydrated without producing over production of sebum and oil.

Stress Management: 

Researchers have found that there is a deep relation between stress and oily skin. Under stress the body produces different types of compounds. One of the compounds which is produced under stress conditions in the human body is cortisol.  Cortisol is a glandular product produced by corticosteroids.  These compounds increase the production of oil in your skin.  This is an immune response of the body and it makes the skin sensitive too which is another medical condition.  So it is advised to control oil production over skin, try to be relaxed and avoid stress conditions.

Additional Tips  

Acne and oily skin is a serious medical issue which requires the proper treatment  by a skin specialist and dermatologist.  Home remedies are also good but if symptoms are persistent and the issue is not resolved with the time you should never waste time and consult your consultant as early as possible for quick recovery.  Here we are giving you  some additional tips for your knowledge and guidance to understand the problem.

Choosing the Right Product:

Skin is the most delicate part / organ of your body. It is easily affected by environmental factors. Chemical substances and other allergens also affect it . Therefore, it is very important to expose the skin to such factors. By keeping in view these factors , we have to choose the best skincare products. 

Sun Protection for Oily Skin: Sun protection for oily skin is an important task. During routine working, we go outside and expose our skin to the Sunlight. It , often, proves hazardous for skin. The use of Sunblock is essential. Use of sunglasses and umbrella can save us from hazardous sun rays but for oily skin, a lightweight sunblock is necessary

Dos and Don’ts for Oily Skin Care:

Oily skin is more likely to have pores, acne and pimples than other types of skin. But oily skin also has some benefits, like it is naturally lubricated. It is always hydrated. It is safe from roughness due to sebum production. Therefore, we are suggesting some steps for you to do and some to forbid are some suggestions from highly ranked dermatologists to take care of oily skin. Try to follow these instructions for getting best results. Try to treat your face gently while washing. Wash your face three or more times a day. Especially in the morning, evening, after an exercise and after reaching home.

  • Don’t try to scrub your face daily 
  • Use moisturizer to remove makeup. For washing use high quality face wash to save skin from acne problems.
  •  Use foaming face wash to reduce dryness
  • Apply a moisturizer of a best brand 
  •  Try to take a balanced diet to reduce acne and pimples.Make your digestive system healthy.
  •  Wear sunscreen while going outside. Because direct exposure to sun rays causes wrinkles and skin cancer.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables. 
  • Don’t use excess sugar and spices. Don’t eat oily meals.
  • Don’t wear makeup while sleeping. Remove the makeup before sleeping. Otherwise, it will irritate your skin. 
  •  Try to use blotting paper to clean sebum throughout the day but don’t scrub the paper on your skin.
  • Try to cleanse and moisturize your face on a daily basis. 
  • Use natural ingredients or the products having more natural ingredients to avoid side effects.
  • Use homemade face masks to remove oil and acne.


It is obvious from the above discussion that self care is a very important element of our lives. Skin care is actually part of the self care routine. Our skin also works; like machinery. And every machine needs proper care, cleanliness, food and medication to work properly. Same is the case with the skin. Nourishment and proper cleansing, moisturizing and care can make the skin healthy and flawless.

Recap of Key Takeaways:

Proper skincare routine can reduce skin problems. By following the skincare routine at home step by step , we can get the best results. Proper knowledge about skin care at home is indispensable. So that we may take care of our skin properly. Choosing the right products for cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing will save our skin from any damage. Prefer homemade face masks to reduce the chances of side effects. 

Achieving Healthy and Balanced Oily Skin: A little effort will lead us towards achieving our goal. Yes, it is our main aim to have healthy and oil free skin. In this regard, we should follow a daily and weekly skincare routine. Daily skincare routine includes; regular face wash with high quality face wash product comprising natural ingredients such as neem etc. Save the skin from harmful sun rays by applying sunblock cream or lotion. Follow the weekly skincare routine by cleansing, exfoliating,and moisturizing the skin to remove oil and acne . To reduce the aging process and wrinkle appearance, use naturally homemade face masks .By following these steps of daily and weekly skincare routine we can have the best healthy and flawless oily skin.





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Hey, I'm Hira shabbir. An experienced content writer who is providing quality SEO content to clients, from the past 2 years. I have been a biology and English teacher from the past 20 years, which gives me an edge in providing quality content.