Juices to Boost Your Immune System When Sick

Resistance against infection is the natural ability of an organism’s body. Antibodies along with the white blood cells make a collaboration to fight against infections by healing the body, this ability is known as immunity. The immune system works 24/7 and remains active always to bifurcate the cells that are beneficial for the body, wiping off the cells that cause infection or disease. Whenever you feel sick , this system efficiently works to keep infections away from the body, therefore this system must be supported and protected by providing a good supply of essential nutrients and vitamins. Here a description about Juices to Boost your Immune System When Sick is being given and through this article you will get introduced to the benefits of juices for improving your immunity with simple kitchen supplies.

Top Juices for Immune System Support

Fruits and vegetables are considered best for overall health but in the form of juices or extracts these fruits and vegetables support your immune system whether you’re sick or healthy. So drinking juice is an amazing way to have a healthy life. 

Juices to Boost Your Immune System
Juices to Boost Your Immune System

The immune system has a strong mechanism that can differentiate between your body cells and the invading cells. This is a great task and to perform this constant figuring out, the system needs a good proportion of minerals and vitamins to enhance the efficiency. Here is a list of recipes through which you may get nutrient-packed juices to improve your immunity for fighting against viruses or pathogens. These juices or extracts have amazing effects on overall health and give a refreshing boost to your body’s defense system naturally. You may take them as a morning drink to have a great refreshing morning with a burst of energy that assists you throughout the day with a healthy immune system.

Citrus Powerhouses

Citrus powerhouses have vitamin C explosions and act as antioxidants to protect your cells from outsider cells or germs that invade your body cells and cause damage to your body. A person with vitamin C deficiency faces health problems like impaired immune system responses, inability to fight against infectious cells, and delayed healing of wounds.

Vitamin C Bombs: Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, and Their Benefits

Citrus fruits have a vast reservoir of vitamin C and play a crucial role in case of getting flu, cold, or influenza. Although recent research declares that juices of these citrus fruits have no impact on severe diseases like COVID-19 but in the form of oral intake, they can lessen the severity of infection by activating the immunity cells. Juices of these fruits are antioxidants and keep you safe from common viral infections. They also play a positive role in heart health.

Citrus Zing Smoothie: Recipe Combining Citrus Fruits for A Potent Immune Boost

Juices to Boost Your Immune System
Juices to Boost Your Immune System

A mixture of citrus fruits like orange or lemon with ginger zing is a nutritional source for boosting your immune system. It is prepared by mixing refreshing juice of fresh orange, grapefruit, or lemon with ginger zing. To lessen the bitterness, a small amount of some sweet fruits such as mango or strawberry juices may be added according to your taste. The delicious smoothie is a perfect breakfast for starting a refreshing day. Its ingredients give you energy and a perk in the morning but you may take it as a snack or treat at any time of the day.

Leafy Greens Elixirs

Leafy greens are a source of vitamins A, B, and C. Juices made from leafy greens are full of micro nutrients such as calcium and iron. These juices promote antibody production that enhances cell proliferation.

Chlorophyll Champions: Kale, Spinach, and Their Immune-Boosting Properties

It is a great pigment found in green plants and carries out the life-sustaining process in them i.e. photosynthesis. This pigment has therapeutic properties that are passed to your body and become an integral part of your body. These bio active elements have positive impacts on your immunity being antioxidant, anti-cancer, antigenotoxic, and anti-mutagenic. So stop wasting the peels of green vegetables or fruits because these overlooked materials can be converted into valuable bio-active juices and smoothies that support your immunity.

Green Goddess Juice: Recipe with Leafy Greens, Cucumber, and Apple for Detox and Immunity

Juices to Boost Your Immune System
Juices to Boost Your Immune System

Green goddess juice is yummy juice fully packed with nutrients to nourish your body and brain. Its recipe is so easy and quick. It contains a lot of vitamins to provide extra energy throughout the day. You need to mix the leafy greens with slices of green apple and make a mixture then add some cucumber pieces in it and shake well. The miraculous healthy green goddess juice is ready.

Roots and Spices Infusions

Spices Are the edibles that are used by default as cooking additives but spices are more than culinary delight. Roots and spices infusions are health-boosting elements that boast a broad spectrum of immunity betterment. They have miraculous properties such as antibacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory features that make them a nutritional treasure. They are not just food but have healing power to support the immune system. Hence besides adding a flavorsome punch to your food the roots and spices are also the store houses of antioxidants and micro-nutrients.

Ginger Magic: The immune-Boosting Power of Ginger

Ginger is the basic and essential part of every kitchen because it is a culinary additive that enhances the flavor of your food but according to nutritionists, it is anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial. These properties of ginger make it supportive of the immune system. You may use it as a component of smoothies by adding some slices of it. It is a common homemade remedy for nausea and stomach bloating.

Turmeric Tonic: Recipe with Turmeric, Lemon, and Ginger for Inflammation and Immunity.

Juices to Boost Your Immune System
Juices to Boost Your Immune System

Turmeric tonic helps in healing. How? The three ingredients of this tonic stimulate circulation, relieve pain, and boost metabolism. It is very easy to make with three simple ingredients in five minutes.

Take a small amount of turmeric, add some slices of ginger, and add lemon juice. Shake it in a blender, the effective remedy for your weak immune system is ready because turmeric itself has a compound called cur-cumin, known as the best anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Ginger is naturally antioxidant and acts as a nausea reliever. It also aids the digestion process. Last but not least, lemon has plenty of vitamin C that detoxifies and alkalize your body to boost your immunity.

Berries and Antioxidants Blends

Berries are the best source of antioxidants that have immune-boosting power. They have a good nutritional profile with the richness of fiber and vitamin C. Berries help to reduce many chronic diseases. These are found in different colors, mainly blue, red, and purple. Commonly people use them in making desserts, jams, and jellies due to their sweet and sour taste.

Berry Bonanza: Blueberries, Strawberries, and Antioxidants for Immune Support

Blueberries are called a “super food” because they are low in calories but high in nutrients. These are effective for reducing cancer and aging by promoting DNA strength. It controls your blood cholesterol level and also effective source to lower the blood pressure. Blueberries increase cognitive ability by promoting brain health and also play a role in preventing heart diseases. It protects you from urinary tract infections and acts as an anti-diabetic agent.

Similarly, strawberries are also delicious iconic summer fruits that are naturally sweet but low in sugar and calories. It is a famous fruit packed with potassium, folic acid, and vitamin C. They boost your brainpower and strengthen your immune system. These berries have a positive impact on decreasing triglycerides in your body and reducing inflammation as well.

Antioxidant Blast Smoothie: Recipe with Mixed Berries, Spinach, and Flax Seed for A Nutrient-Packed DrinkDrinking green smoothies is a great way to increase the intake of minerals that are crucial for maintaining blood sugar levels. But if you are diabetic then drinking sweet smoothies will raise your blood sugar level therefore, we suggest that you take smoothies that contain sweet fruits along with leafy greens and flax seeds. It is best to use low glycemic fruits with low content like one cup or less.

For this purpose here is an amazing smoothie recipe for you.

Take fresh spinach leaves and strawberries. Put them in a blender with water and prepare a blend until it becomes smooth. Water can be added according to desire. Now add ground flax seeds to your smoothie this will slow down the release of sugar in your bloodstream 

Super food Smoothies 

Nutrient-dense foods are the ultimate source to boost your immunity. Therefore nutritionists suggest that super food smoothies are the best liquids to provide you with various benefits including improved immunity due to their high concentration of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. By incorporating super food smoothies to your diet, you may improve your digestion, energy levels, and immune system.

Kaleidoscope of Nutrients: Super Foods like Chia Seeds, Acai, and Spirulina in Smoothies

Using super foods like chia seeds, acai, and spirulina in your smoothies daily, support your immune system. Mixing spirulina with turmeric will provide you with anti-inflammatory support to reduce inflammation. You may use maca powder to reduce stress in your body. Some other super foods like hemp seeds and chia seeds are excellent sources of omega-3 fatty acids to maintain the dose of vitamins and antioxidants in your body.Immune Booster Elixir: Recipe Combining Various Super Foods for A Powerful Immune System Boost

Here is a delicious immune-boosting smoothie recipe that is packed with super foods to promote your overall health. A mushroom, kiwis, and banana smoothie is a great smoothie for your immune system. In addition, you can also use salmon with garlic to boost your immune system.

Tropical Immune Boosters

Tropical foods like fruits and vegetables grown in tropical regions have excellent immune-boosting characteristics. They help your body fight against bacteria and viruses to prevent infections in the body. They limit the causes that can make you sick and meet many of the nutritional criteria of an immune-boosting food. They are hydrating, and rich in vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals. The vegetables or fruits mentioned below are best for preparing juices or smoothies to promote your immune system

1: Pineapple and Papaya Paradise

Both are sweet and juicy fruits of tropical regions. Having processed digestive enzymes and anti-inflammatory agents helps in soothing arthritic pains and wound healing. Papaya and pineapples play an important role in feeling well by promoting your immunity. Drinking their juices will help your muscles injuries to heal soon and you will get overall health benefits like dispelling muscle cramps, reducing the feelings of bloating and indigestion, and treating stomach ulcers.

2: Mango Tango DelightBeing a mango lover you must take a look at its benefits.

Mango is a tasty fruit and has magnificent health benefits. It is the most cultivated fruit in tropical areas and rules everyone’s heart during the summer season. 

It not only pleases your taste buds but also has a particular vitamin C that clears your skin and helps in clearing clogged pores by eliminating pimples. Antioxidant compounds found in it help to protect against cancer of the colon, breast, and prostate. It has chemicals to control diabetes, blood sugar, and blood cholesterol levels.

One cup of sliced mangoes promotes your eyesight and prevents night blindness.


We all always strive to be healthy and make efforts to gain health in every aspect of life. These efforts are expended on a healthy diet, physical activity and much more but what do you feel by acknowledging the fun facts about your favorite delicious juices? These juices help maintain your health and promote your immunity. so try to incorporate these juices to boost your immune system when sick.

You can make these nutritional juices with easy and quick recipes, some are for your daily activity and some give you pick-me-up boosters. Juices are used to enhance immunity by boosting the body’s natural defense. Incorporating a variety of vegetables and fruit juices to boost your immune system will fortify your defense system, protect you against illness, and enhance your vitality.

Hira Shabbir

Hey, I'm Hira shabbir. An experienced content writer who is providing quality SEO content to clients, from the past 2 years. I have been a biology and English teacher from the past 20 years, which gives me an edge in providing quality content.

Hey, I'm Hira shabbir. An experienced content writer who is providing quality SEO content to clients, from the past 2 years. I have been a biology and English teacher from the past 20 years, which gives me an edge in providing quality content.